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Sebastiaan van Denzel

Sebastiaan  is my name, and this is my website. Born in The Netheralnds, The Hague, I’ve  worked as a music photographer at ZUBB Magazine since 2011, turning freelance in 2013. I have covered various events en artistst. Since 2014 I also film with a group of freelancers music sessions called ZUBB Sessions. For this platform I film, edit and produce acoustic sessions. Check out the website ZUBB Sessions.

My photography work isn’t defined by one speciality. I work at many forgein locations. My studio is based in The Hague where I work on product photography projects, portarits, and different comerical projects.

I enjoy working with a diverse range of clients and I am always interested in taking on new jobs. Please contact me if you are interested in hiring me or if you wish to purchase prints that will soon be available.


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